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4 Slimming stylists with D-CHICAS | Magazine Style and Live of Week

4 Slimming stylists with D-CHICAS | Magazine Style and Live of Week

Styling 1-Pencil Skirt
Skirts will become your allies with good weather. To disguise hip and tripita, it is best to wear a model that fits at the waist and wider at the bottom. How to take it * If it is above the knees, and also you add heels, the effect will be that of much longer legs. Put it on with a basic shirt.
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Stylishness 2- Jeans high shot

In addition to styling, they also add centimeters to the figure. If you have somewhat wide legs, opt for one in dark tone. The mom jeans will help you camouflage cartridge belts. How to take it * With this type of pantaón you can afford to go flat and even wear an oversize sweater or over the aingle or down, never halfway.
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Styling 3- Stripes

Always vertical, since the horizontal ones will give the opposite optical sensation and will make you look more plump. You can wear them in pants, skirts or even dresses. * Add an elegant stitch with a black body that fits your figure. In our styling, being the palazoo pants, the suedeior garment must be adjusted.

Styling 4- Lady dress

Adjusted body and with some flight at the bottom. If it is also in black, a color that visually thins, much better. This look is valid for 24 hours. * A pair of high-heeled sandals will be your allies for the entire day. Add a touch of color with the accessories. This season bet on the mallows